Modern Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

After a long, hard day, you want to come home and relax. Unwind and let the stresses of life wash off you. That’s one reason why your bathroom should be your own personal oasis.

You should be able to step inside and forget about the outside world, if only for a few hours. But what if your bathroom isn’t the spa-like oasis you want it to be? Fear not because that’s where a bathroom remodel enters the picture.

With bathroom remodeling, you can customize your space to your exact needs and specifications. Add the features, design, and gadgets that will aid in your relaxation.

Sound like a dream? Start with these stylish modern bathroom ideas!

Go With Statement Flooring

If you really want to make an impact, why not start with some statement flooring? Floors are often overlooked when it comes to a design. That’s why they present a unique opportunity for a design feature.

Try going all out with tile in a bold pattern or bright color. Geometric shapes like hexagons can add a distinct element. And bright colors like green or blue are often unexpected for all-over flooring.

If all-out bold isn’t your style, but you still want a statement, try large tile or a wood-grain tile. Try setting them in a herringbone pattern to add a little movement.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match shapes, colors, and patterns to create a design that speaks to you.

You’ll Love a Double Vanity

One thing all bathrooms need is more space. This is especially true when it comes to vanity. No one likes bumping elbows with their partner when trying to brush their teeth or do their hair in the morning.

Every bathroom could use a little extra getting ready space. So enlarge your vanity to hold two sinks and give you some extra room. You’ll love feeling like you can spread out and that you have your own space in the bathroom.

A larger vanity up top also means more space below. Increased storage space is always a good thing. And you can use the double vanity to store cleaning supplies, towels, or your toiletries.

Enlarge Your Shower

What’s one feature that all the designer bathrooms on the pages of the home magazines have? A large, stunning shower that’s the centerpiece of the room. If you really want an incredible bath makeover, then enlarge your shower.

Create a large walk-in shower that helps aid your escape. Glass doors and shower walls help add an airy feeling to your bathroom. And glass is great because it fits well into most modern designs.

A large shower is also a great opportunity to get playful with tile. Consider adding a pattern or a little color to make the shower design really pop. Expert bathroom remodel contractors can help you find the right tile for any design.

And don’t forget about all the shower accessories. Upgrade your fixtures to sleek new ones. Customize your shower experience with a rain shower head, wall jets, or a handheld faucet.

Add a Pattern

The bathroom is one place in your home where you can get creative and stray away from the typical home design. Why not seize the opportunity to do something different that you wouldn’t do anywhere else in your home?

Play around with patterns throughout the bathroom to create a stylish design that stands out from the typical design. You can add a pattern to nearly every part of your bathroom.

You know you can have statement floors with tiles. But how about statement walls or a statement counter? You can use tiles on your walls or countertops to create a mosaic or pattern.

A pop like this will help break away from the traditional design of bathrooms to something that will stand out in a crowd.

Don’t Fear Wallpaper

Speaking of adding a little something extra, how about wallpaper? The thought of it makes many homeowners shudder. But this isn’t like the wallpaper in your grandparent’s homes.

Many modern wallpapers feature updated designs and easy installations to create some of the most stylish bathrooms you’ve ever seen.

If you’re a minimalist, there are great sleek and simple designs that add a pop of color or print. Or go more for the maximalist look with something big, bold, and bright. 

You may even consider adding wallpaper with details like texture or metallics. Go for a feature with wallpaper on one wall or envelope the entire space in a bold print.

The right wallpaper might be the design edge your bathroom has been missing.

Try Something New

This is your chance to step out of your comfort zone. And here is full permission to try something new that you might not see in a bathroom.

Thinking outside the box is what interior design is all about, and it often creates the best outcomes. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few you might want to try.

How about arched doorways throughout the bathroom? This fun and unexpected accent will make your bathroom feel customized.

Or try a floating vanity rather than the traditional style. If you like a light and airy aesthetic, this can add to it. Add LED lights underneath to give the bathroom a soft glow.

Try mixing styles into something brand new. This is especially great if you and your partner can’t agree on one style. Pull elements from your favorites and incorporate them into a seamless design that’s unique to you.

Soak In a Large Tub

Let’s be honest; your dream bathroom probably has a large tub for you to soak and relax in at the end of the day. If that’s one feature you have to have in your dream bathroom, then prioritize that.

Choose a large soaker tub that can take center stage in the design. Be sure to consider the shape of the tub as well as the length. You don’t want any parts hanging over the side when you’re trying to relax.

You may want to put it up against a window so you can take in a great view while you relax. Or maybe you want it to be literally front and center in the middle of the room.

If you’re going to make it a feature in the master bathroom remodel, be sure to choose a stunning bathtub. The classic clawfoot style adds a little extra touch to modern designs.

Many modern tubs can come in various colors, so you can add a personalized touch to your bathtub.

Don’t Forget Storage

When you’re doing a remodel, you never want to forget storage. This is especially true of small bathroom remodeling where enough storage is akin to prime real estate.

When you remodel, you want to try to add in more storage than you started with. And if you can’t add more, you want to add smarter storage. But be sure to add storage into the design.

It’s easy to forget about it when you’re focused on tile samples and changing the layout. But you’ll be thankful when you go to put away towels or extra toiletries.

Consider adding a linen closet where you can store clean towels, washcloths, soaps, and shampoos. You may also want hanging shelves to keep your everyday items close.

Don’t forget to add storage in your shower for soaps and shampoos. You’ll never regret having excess storage in your bathroom. Your bathroom remodeling contractors can help you find great places to put extra storage.

Choose Unique Fixtures

Fixtures can really complete a design and be the finishing touch your bathroom needs. When it comes to your faucet and showerhead, don’t be afraid to take a step forward with the design.

Try going for unique shapes like something more angular, a geometric flat design, or something with an antique touch. Stepping away from the standard faucet makes your bathroom feel tailor-made.

Another way you can add a unique touch to the fixtures is by playing with the finish. Instead of the standard silver, try for a bold gold, sleek black, or a distinct copper.

You can also play around with the fixture finish. Shiny metallics have always been in style. But matte and flat designs are gaining popularity.

Add Some Tech

They always say that electronics and water don’t mix. And while that might be true, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some technology into your bathroom.

You don’t need a robot butler to offer you a towel at the door—unless you want one. But how about built-in speakers so you can enjoy your shower karaoke time in surround sound?

Or maybe you’d like a smart shower or smart toilet to help save water? A smart shower can heat the water to your desired temperature before jumping in.

Add heated floors so your feet don’t get a shock stepping out on a cold tile floor. Warming drawers can keep towels, robes, and pajamas nice and toasty to aid in your relaxation.

You may also like smart mirrors that provide the weather forecast and traffic updates. Smart lighting that adjusts for different settings, so your makeup always comes out perfect.

And for the ultimate relaxation, add a sneaky fridge so you can enjoy a cold beverage in the bath.

How About a Water Feature?

Of course, water is an important aspect of your bathroom. Without it, how would you shower, bathe, and get ready? But the water in your bathroom doesn’t always have to be for a utility purpose.

Consider adding a water feature to create a stunning detail to the room. A water wall features a calming waterfall down a stone facade. A gentle, cascading waterfall feature would be another unique detail.

The sound of falling water can help aid your relaxation as you lay back and unwind from the day.

And if you do decide you want your water feature to have more of a utility purpose, consider filling your bathtub with a waterfall. A ceiling-fill tub will make you feel like you’re staying in a luxury hotel.

Lighting Is Everything

The secret to good interior design isn’t always picking out the right pieces and color schemes. The real secret is getting the lighting right. A well-designed space always has good lighting.

And that’s no different in the bathroom. The key to getting the lighting right is to think in layers. Your layers of lighting represent all the things you would do in your bathroom.

You want task lighting around your vanity for when you’re applying makeup or doing your hair. Overhead lighting allows you to see the entire room for larger tasks.

Ambient lighting will create a calming and relaxing environment for you to soak in the bathtub or destress in the shower. And, of course, you want to have natural lighting to make the room feel larger and brighter.

It’s All In the Details

Completing a remodel can be a fun and exciting process. There are so many decisions to make that sometimes the larger aspects take over. But the smaller details really add up to create the stylish accents that pull the room together.

Search through magazines and design blogs to find inspiration for your aesthetic. Once you have a style that resonates, lean into it, especially in the details.

Bring out your style in the light fixtures, tiles, and architecture. Don’t forget to use decor pieces as a decorative accent, pop of color, or a little bit of texture. Even coordinating your towels and bathmats can go a long way in design.

Create Your Own Oasis with Bathroom Remodeling

You can’t always head to a spa for treatment after a long, hard week. But you don’t need to go spa when you have an oasis in your own home. You can create your own personal oasis with bathroom remodeling.

Transform your bathroom to fit all your wants and needs. A well-designed, spa-like bathroom can help you wind down after the stress of the day. So treat yourself to the bathroom remodel of your dreams.

Ready to get started on your transformation? Contact our experts to get a quote for creating your own bathroom oasis!

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