Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are one of the best investments you can make to increase your home value and improve the quality of your living space. Because of their return on investment and other great benefits, they are extremely popular among homeowners.

Believe it or not, there are more than 10.2 million kitchen remodels every year! If you’re thinking of joining in, now is the right time!

Big or small, no matter what kind of project it is, let’s talk about some new kitchen remodel ideas for your home!

New Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Paint

This is one of the most simple options you can choose for a kitchen remodel, and you can even do it yourself if you’re skilled with a paint roller! For 2021, the color most in-style in the kitchen is green!

If you have a hand-painted kitchen, it can always be sanded down and repainted. The best part is that painting makes your wooden equipment more durable, as it’s easier to repair than factory-applied laminate.

If you want to make your kitchen pop, make sure your appliances and everything else work with the aesthetic, but if they’re white, black, or silver, they’ll go with anything.

Use Neutrals

Your kitchen’s paint can change as often as you want it to, but there are some things that will remain. White, off-white, gray, and silver are common go-to’s in a modern kitchen, but don’t stop there!

You can also use natural colors as neutrals, like natural wood. No matter what color your walls are painted, wooden salt and pepper grinders will always go with this aesthetic. Natural components work just as well with any flow as any silver tea kettle!


Cabinets aren’t cheap, but they go such a long way toward building the right aesthetic in your kitchen. Nothing says modern kitchen design like new cabinets.

You can use them to match whatever setting you’re trying to create. If you want a modern kitchen, go with white. If you want a naturalist aesthetic, go with natural wood. If you go to resell your house later on, having newer kitchen cabinets is a great selling point.

Cabinets should always match your doors, so if you’re getting new ones, paint or replace your doors as well.


The pantry is one of the best parts of a modern kitchen. It’s a one-stop shop full of all your favorite goodies, and you can fit just about anything you want to fulfill for your cooking and snacking needs.

Pantries are also highly in-style and becoming one of the biggest luxuries people look for in new homes. The Wall Street Journal called them the “new designer shoe closet”.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are becoming more popular in modern kitchens, and it’s easy to see why. Looking up and having everything you need right in front of you, more space to decorate, and a space to show off all your decorative cookware? Where do I sign?


Don’t limit yourself to only having one aesthetic in your kitchen. You can try to make a two-tone kitchen, as long as it looks intentional. Maybe the island in the middle of the kitchen is painted a muted green while the walls around are painted red.

If you can manage to get all of your appliances and smaller items like tea kettles in one uniform color that contrasts with your walls or cabinets, this could really make your kitchen pop.


New flooring says new kitchen. Nothing will improve the look of your kitchen quite as well as new tiles or hardwood, and they’ll not only last a long time but improve your home value quite a lot!

If you go for hardwood, oak and walnut are very good choices. Oak stains well, it has a nice natural grain and is very durable for such a cheap price. Walnut is super durable, has really appealing dark tones, and is very valuable to new home buyers. Hickory, maple, and ash are also great options.


Do you have a nook? Putting seating there is a must. If not, seating is even more critical to get right. Almost everyone agrees that the kitchen is primarily for socializing and secondarily for cooking!

Get comfortable seats and make sure it matches your aesthetic. Having multiple seating options is always a good idea. High chairs at the island and low ones at the table are always great options, but you can think outside the box!

Having bench seating available somewhere can look really cool. If you have a natural aesthetic, you can definitely pull this off with a nice wooden bench.

Upholstery can be a nice option. Just make sure seating is next to some kind of table. If there is unattached seating facing outward from the kitchen, put an end table next to it so your friends and family don’t have to turn around or reach over to a counter.


Make sure everything is spaced out properly. If you’re carrying platters of food around, you don’t want to have to go through an obstacle course. There aren’t exact measurements for every kitchen, since they’re all different. Just try to make things look even and intentional.

If you can’t put a table evenly between two walls and have enough room on either side to walk by, put it against the wall. If you have to scoot past the table sticking out of the nook, get rid of it. Try to make everything fit together for a nice, open layout that’s both inviting and easy to walk through. Again, the kitchen is for socializing!

Add An Island

If you have a big enough kitchen, add an island to it. Islands are an excellent halfway point between your kitchen and dining room. Families don’t always want to sit at the dining room table for every meal, and that’s okay.

Having an island adds an extra place to socialize or chat with a family member while you’re cooking! It also adds a bunch of extra counter space to work with and a much more intentional-looking design to your kitchen.

If you don’t think you have room for an island because of a wall, don’t count yourself out. Walls not only don’t have to be permanent, but you can also cut a section out of the wall for a serving hatch! Not only is that a great use of what you already have, but it can also serve as an extra counter or table space like an island would!

New Appliances

New appliances will always improve a kitchen, and sometimes it’s all you need! Modern appliances can come in all shapes and sizes, but just fit it to your taste and aesthetic.

Newer ones will often save you on electricity, save you on repairs, offer you better quality, and be better to look at! What’s not to like?

Boiling Water Taps

Yes, these exist. Yes, this will make cooking so much easier. You’re absolutely right.

If you want to reduce your cook time by a lot, add a boiling water tap. This cool new technology provides an energy-efficient and safe way to instantly have boiling water. That’s right, you won’t even need a kettle or a pan to enjoy your cup of tea!


No matter what room you’re remodeling, lighting should be at the top of your mind. Nothing dictates an atmosphere quite like lighting.

Overhead, recess lighting is great for a modern feel. Multiple lamps or stream lighting would look excellent for a naturalistic aesthetic. Chandeliers or any hanging lighting will add a nice, fancy touch to your kitchen. 

Pay attention to corners! The key to lighting is always the corners. Having one overhead light will make the room appear smaller, but having light come from multiple angles will open it right up!

Don’t forget natural lighting either! Natural light is the best light for your home, your aesthetic, and the planet. If you’re lacking in natural light, adding some windows to your kitchen is always a good idea!

Wine Storage

Having a wine display is a pretty classic way to show off your best wines, and it adds a very tasteful look to your shelving and cabinetry. This could be an entire wine room, a shelf on the bottom, or a large cabinet. Whatever fits your needs, it will add some flavor to your kitchen. There’s a reason that restaurants and bars do this!

Get Futuristic

Adding technology can improve any room in your house, but it can be especially useful in the kitchen. Adding hands-free smart home technology is an excellent boost to your working room.

If your hands are covered in raw chicken, you’re going to have to wash them before turning on the lights you need or turning on the oven. Imagine if you could just say a few magic words and it could just be done for you!

Indoor Garden

Adding plants to any room in your home can actually improve your happiness. Adding a garden to your kitchen will not only improve the overall aesthetic but even offer you some herbs to cook with! There’s no risk to trying this because you can start as small as you’d like with a couple of $2 plants and work from there!

Hidden Storage

You could have an entire pantry in your walls if you want to. Have discreet, futuristic cabinets embedded in your walls that don’t even look like they’re there!

This hides the working elements of your kitchen and gives it a more inviting appeal. If you don’t see all the hardware, it doesn’t feel as much like a working space.


If you care about the planet, focusing on sustainability in your kitchen will make you feel good and be the envy of the town! There are a lot of ideas for this, and you can start as small as you’d like!

One good step toward reducing your carbon footprint would be opting for a high-performance electric stove instead of a gas one, but it doesn’t have to be that large.

Adding a countertop composting bin is an excellent way to start, and they come in very neutral colors. You can also have a trash compactor, recycling bin, energy-efficient appliances, LED bulbs, and so much more! If you want to go green, get creative! You can make anything fit your style if you want it to.


We’ve been talking a lot about aesthetics, but what about function? Well, a lot of things on this list are practical kitchen ideas, but you may only want an oven that you can control to the exact degree rather than a pretty one! There’s nothing wrong with that.

You don’t have to sacrifice function to get the aesthetic you want, so incorporate whatever it is you want in your remodel! Do you want a garbage disposal? Nobody will ever see it, so add it in! Want the best microwave on the market? By all means!

Whether we want to believe it or not, there is work performed in the kitchen. For many of us, it’s every day. Doing what you can to make your kitchen life easier will be as big of an improvement as anything else on this list. There is so much that kitchen remodeling can offer you.

Build Your Dream Kitchen!

Now that you have a few new kitchen remodel ideas, there’s no time like the present to get started! You can get a remodel done by professionals to match any kind of function or aesthetic that you’re trying to capture.

Why wait? Get a quote today and see what a professional remodeling company can do for you!

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