The Most Popular Home Remodeling and Renovation Ideas for 2021

Last year there was an unprecedented increase in home remodeling projects. Homeowners found themselves spending more time at home and many realized they needed to make their space more comfortable for themselves and their families.

A survey of over 600 homeowners conducted last year by Consumer Specialists showed that 57% did home improvement projects from March to May. For many, it was a way to occupy their unexpected free time. While, for others, being at home made them realize the things they need to fix around the house.

Whatever the reason, the trend has not slowed down. Read on to find out some of the top renovation projects for 2021.

The Top Home Remodeling Projects for 2021

Slow but steady progress is being made toward returning to some type of normalcy. However, many companies and employees have realized that they can be just as productive while working from home. This has translated to ensuring your environment is conducive to both work and family life.

Many homeowners are taking the opportunity to try some of the new home improvement trends to add to the comfort of their homes. These include renovations to both their home’s interior and exterior such as:

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Replacement windows
  • New flooring
  • Bathroom renovations
  • A change of color
  • Addition of an outdoor entertainment area
  • Roof replacement
  • Landscaping

The key to any of these is planning and ensuring you know what every project entails. Decide if it’s something you can do on your own or when you should call in a professional. Prioritize each project based on your functional needs versus your desires or ‘nice to haves’.

House Interior Renovation Ideas

Your flooring might need a revamp or you’re finally ready to change the color of your living room. Whatever your home improvement desires, there are many new house interior renovation ideas that you can add to your to-do list this year. 

These don’t have to be extensive or expensive. You can incorporate many home remodeling ideas on a budget. 

A Home Kitchen Renovation

Home kitchen renovations are some of the more popular home improvement projects homeowners are undertaking. Kitchens have become the central hub of most homes. It’s where families not only share meals but often work, gather and hang out with each other.

It’s definitely a space that you’ll want to make as comfortable as possible. You’ll also want to add elements that easily facilitate family meals and gatherings.

Breakfast bars and the addition of islands are a popular trend. This not only creates a space to dine comfortably, but it also creates space for the cooks in the family, especially with the addition of a sink on the island.

Other simple kitchen improvements that can enhance the look of the room while increasing your home’s value include:

  • Repainting cabinets
  • Replacing cabinet doors
  • Upgrading countertops
  • Adding or replacing lighting
  • Modern appliances
  • Upgrading fixtures

These can all lift the look of this important room in your home.


A new coat of paint can enhance any room. The key is choosing colors you can live with. One of the ways to ensure you don’t regret your color choices is to consider the following:

  • The size of the room
  • Lighting
  • Testing the colors you’re considering
  • The need for an accent wall 

This will help you feel more confident when you finally decide on the colors you want. When you’ve narrowed down your color selection don’t paint test strips close to each other on the wall. These may play off of each other and you’ll get a totally different look when you paint the entire room with the final color you choose.

No rule says you need an accent wall. Consider the space and decide. Use complementary colors to enhance the look of your room. Remember to ensure the colors you choose for each room tie into the overall look of your home.


Flooring, like paint, can change the look of a room. There are many flooring options. These include:

  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Tiles – Natural, porcelain, or ceramic
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum of vinyl

Hardwood is a popular option because it looks good and has a high return on investment. Choose flooring that suits not only your style but the style of your home.

Again, similar to paint, consider the size of the room, the lighting, color, and style. Also, find out how durable and long-lasting each type of flooring is before deciding.

Window Replacement

Window replacement affects both the interior and exterior look of your home. If you’re doing a complete paint job inside and outside your home, it would be good to check if it’s time for new windows.

Larger windows increase the amount of light that comes into your home. This can make your home brighter and more inviting.

Consider energy-efficient replacements. These will not only make your home more secure they will help reduce your energy bill. 

Bathroom Renovations

Your bathroom is a room in your home where you can relax after a long day. The great thing is, you don’t need to do a major bathroom renovation for a spa-like experience. Minor remodeling such as vanity replacement, new countertops, or upgraded lighting fixtures, can make a huge difference.

Make your bathroom modern and bright with affordable fixtures that look good without a high-end price. Using glass can also help make your bathroom look bigger. This can help if your bathroom looks cramped and cluttered.

Whatever you decide, ensure the changes you make add to the lightness and openness of the space.

Other Interior Remodeling Ideas

Some other interior remodeling ideas you may want to consider include making your home technologically advanced by installing smart home devices. They will not only make your life easier but increase the value of your home.

You may also have a room that you’re not utilizing efficiently, such as a basement or an attic. Consider converting it into an office, an entertainment room, or a home gym. Remember you may be spending a lot more time in your home. Ensure it accommodates all your needs.

Home Exterior Remodeling Ideas

It’s the first thing visitors see when they come to your home, so why not make it stand out? There are many exterior elements of a home that are often ignored such as a roof or garage door. Many homeowners tend to only pay attention to these went they stop working the way they should.

But why not give these items some much-needed TLC? Exterior home renovations are just as important. They not only change the look of your home, but they increase your curb appeal.


Welcome visitors to your home with creative landscaping. Use colors and different plant heights to make your garden interesting and attractive. It’s a great way to make a good first impression. 

You can even choose a specific theme for your landscaping, whether it’s an English rose garden or a floral oasis complete with miniature fairy gardens. Choose what suits your personality or the style of your home.

You can also add other elements such as a small pond or fountain. These accents not only beautify the space but they’re eye-catching. 

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

While you’re outside, don’t forget your porch or deck. If you don’t have one, you might even want to consider adding one. Decks have one of the higher returns when it comes to renovation projects. Your return increases even more when you use real wood boards.

You can’t go wrong with a porch or deck as they’re a great place to entertain during the warm summer months. Add a fire pit for the cooler nights that you can enjoy with family and friends as you sit under the stars.


Powerwashing your exterior walls or giving them a new coat of paint can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home. As with your home’s interior, choose your exterior colors wisely. If your community has a homeowners association, find out if there are any restrictions regarding the colors you can use.

The exterior of your home usually consists of three major components:

  • The main color of your wall
  • The accent color on your doors and shutters
  • The trim color on the edges of doors and windows and lower eaves of your roof

Contrasting colors work well for the main wall and trim. If you choose a dark color for the trim, use a light color on the main wall or vice versa. You can use a complementary color for your accents. This will brighten the look of your home.

Roof Repair or Replacement

A roof in need of repair can adversely affect a new exterior paint job. Take the opportunity to have your roof inspected. It may just need a few repairs. 

This may include shingle or gutter replacement. Or it may just need a good cleaning to get rid of mold or mildew. If you discover that you need to replace your roof, consider changing the type of material you use.

It’s the perfect opportunity to use a more durable, long-lasting material that requires less maintenance. An expert can tell you the type of roofing that works well with the style of your home, as well as Illinois’ weather.

Garage Door & Driveway

Don’t wait until your garage door isn’t working to pay attention to it. Why not give it a new look with an interesting color? Include it when repainting the exterior of your home.

However, you can’t improve your garage door and neglect your driveway. Your driveway and walkways are like the welcome mat for your home.

A powerwash might do the trick, or it may be time to consider redoing them. See what material will look best with your home. Then add suitable lighting to showcase these new, welcoming areas.

Other Home Exterior Remodeling Ideas

If you’ve upgraded your landscape and painted your home, take a look at your fencing. It may need an upgrade as well. If you don’t have one, you might consider adding one.

If painting your front door isn’t enough, install one with a different style that stands out. You may not want to paint the exterior of your home at all. But if you still want a change, try installing siding as an alternative.

Remember if you plan to sell your home, the exterior is the first thing a potential buyer will see. Ensure it makes a good first impression.

The Importance of Home Renovations

Home renovations are an important part of the maintenance of your home. Regular maintenance allows you to fix things in your home before they become a major issue.

Home remodeling not only enhances your living space. It can help you to reduce your energy consumption and improve safety while creating more space. Renovations also increase the value of your home.

Some of the renovations that add the most value include:

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Roof replacement
  • Master suite improvements
  • Attic insulation
  • Hardwood floors
  • New HVAC system

Doing these, or any other renovations ensure you get the best return on your investment for your home when you decide to sell it.

Increased Home Improvement That Increases Value

Any improvement to your home will help to increase its value. This means that even though you’ll have to spend money on materials, you will receive a positive return on your investment. 

However, this isn’t always the case, especially when home renovation goes very wrong. This can result in you spending twice as much to fix the errors or living with shoddy workmanship. You can avoid this by hiring an experienced home remodeling company.

Greco Remodeling Services can help you with both your interior and exterior home improvement projects. Whether you require a home kitchen renovation or want to improve the curb appeal of your home we can make it happen. Get a quote today!

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